HAT series

HAT series

一. Introduction

This series of models is a machine developed and produced for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It is an aging test equipment integrating automatic boost aging and testing and sorting; the equipment adopts mechanical feeding to ensure the feeding rate of the equipment and the stability of the equipment ; Fully automatic preset boost mode for automatic boost and high temperature aging, preset permissions require authorization password operation to avoid hidden dangers of misoperation; the high version adopts a simple Chinese operation interface and a powerful industrial control operation control system to enable data collection, The analysis is more reliable and stable. While monitoring the three parameters of the product, the software also has the function of monitoring whether the shelf resistance is working properly, which can quickly improve production efficiency.

二, the process flow

1. The product guide pin is shaped and tested for polarity, open circuit, short circuit and reverse polarity detection; exclude products with open circuit, bent leg, short circuit and reverse polarity;

2. The product is sent to the oven for high temperature (switching power supply) charging and aging;

3. The first 80 rows are for constant power charging, and each row has independent voltage settings and independent voltage alarm functions.

4. After the product has been discharged and cooled, the aging product inspection will be carried out, and the unaging product will be excluded;

5. Carry out the capacity and loss angle test after the product is discharged;

6. Carry out "ESR" test after the product is discharged (this function is optional);

7. Carry out leakage test after the product is recharged for about 40 seconds;

8. The test results are: good product, poor capacity, high loss, large leakage, high impedance and re-selected products.

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