※Equipment Name: Cylindrical Lithium Battery Double Welding Head Double Adhesive Vertical Forming Machine

※Equipment model: DC-70ZP-J4

※Equipment brief description: This equipment DC-70ZP-J4 lug automatic welding machine is mainly used for welding lugs after continuous slitting of lithium ion battery positive pole pieces, attaching protective tape, attaching small glue to the lugs and winding, this machine Mainly composed of pole piece unwinding and correction mechanism, pole lug welding mechanism, pole piece buffer device, pole piece tape sticking device, pole piece winding device, this machine has high degree of automation, high production efficiency and good consistency.

※Equipment technical function:

1. This machine is mainly used for automatic welding of lithium-ion battery pole pieces; suitable for 18, 26, 32 series products

2. After the tabs and pole pieces are welded, paste protective glue on the front side and protective glue on the back side, four glues

3. This machine adopts high-end PLC control mode to realize the automatic discharge, cutting, welding of pole pieces, glue on the front and back sides, and automation of pole piece winding, saving a lot of manpower and man-made damage to the pole pieces during the production process. Greatly reduced, high welding efficiency, realizing upper and lower glue application (4 lines);

4. After the pole piece is welded, taped, and the tab is wrapped with small glue, it can be automatically rewinded for automatic winding machine;

5. This machine is a high degree of automation equipment in the production of pole pieces. This equipment is combined with continuous pole piece rolling and continuous pole piece striping to form pole piece automatic production.

6. This machine has the upper and lower adhesive tape of the pole piece, and the positive ear cover is glued.

7. All electrical failures during the operation of this machine have alarm prompt function.

※Equipment matching:

This set of equipment is composed of a tab feeding/cutting mechanism, a tab automatic welding mechanism and an ultrasonic welding machine, a glue sticking device up and down, a correction system, and an electrical control system.

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