※Equipment Name: Fully Automatic Cylindrical Lithium Battery Film Making and Winding Integrated Machine 

※Equipment model: DC1860Y/DC1860Y-F

※Power supply: 3-phase 380V, 50HZ

※Compressed air: 0.4~0.7Mpa

※Equipment color: computer white (or customer-defined color)

※Brief description of equipment manufacturing process:

This equipment DC1860/YDC1860Y-F cylindrical lithium battery film making and winding integrated machine is used for the production of cylindrical lithium ion battery cells and is one of the main equipment for battery production. The working process is: the positive and negative pole pieces, and the diaphragm, which have been slitted, are respectively loaded into the discharge mechanism. The diaphragm is pulled into the winding station after unwinding, tension control, and deviation correction. After the pole piece is discharged, tension control, dust removal, process correction, it enters the positive and negative welding station for welding. After the material is stored, the protective glue is applied, and after the winding, it undergoes quality monitoring and other operations, and is transported by the pole piece feeding mechanism Send it down to the winding part for winding. When the positive and negative plates reach the minimum discharge diameter, the equipment can automatically change rolls. (The roll can be changed by manual confirmation or automatic roll change by equipment detection.) After the winding production is completed, the battery core is removed by the manipulator to perform the perforation. After the perforation is completed, the manipulator removes it and puts it on the conveyor belt and sends it to the collection platform. If unqualified products are detected during the production process, the unqualified product collection box will be automatically inserted during the conveying process. This machine has high degree of automation, high production efficiency and good consistency.

※Brief description of equipment function:

1. This machine is mainly used for the production and winding process of lithium ion cylindrical battery cells;

2. The diaphragm and pole piece discharge of this machine adopts tension control, servo discharge and step correction (discharge correction);

3. The tension is controlled by servo torque, and the tension is set in the man-machine;

4. The pole piece is also added with a process correction function before being rolled into the winding needle; (three corrections for the positive and negative plates)

5. The pole piece also has the function of correcting deviation before entering the welding and pasting station;

6. The pole piece has coating dislocation detection in the welding station;

7. The positive plate of this machine can be welded with a pair of tabs and a pair of tabs protective glue;

8. The negative plate of this machine can be welded with one tab or two tabs (long and short tabs). The number of tabs can be selected according to the number of tabs, which are set in the man-machine;

9. When the positive and negative plate unwinding reaches the minimum unwinding diameter, the roll can be changed automatically; (Pole piece automatic roll change function)

10. This machine has the functions of rolling the diaphragm first and the negative electrode first. One of the functions can be used alone, or both functions can be used at the same time;

11. This machine has the functions of single diaphragm and pole piece. During automatic operation, it can automatically detect the length of the pole piece, the missing pole ear, and the color code of the pole piece, and it can automatically single-roll;

12. This machine adopts high-end industrial control system control method to realize the automation of pole piece and diaphragm discharge, feeding, winding, gluing, and reclaiming. Save a lot of manpower and greatly reduce the man-made damage rate of the battery cell in the production process;

13. This machine has the functions of manipulator for automatic core-pack cutting, core-pack short-circuit detection, short-circuit rejection, core-pack reaming, and ironing;

14. The diaphragm has the function of removing static electricity;

15. In the winding part, the number of positive and negative lugs can be selected for production, which can be set by man-machine;

16. The specifications produced by this machine can be stored manually, which is convenient for recalling in the next production;

17. All electrical failures during the operation of this machine have an alarm prompt function;

18. The machine adopts a mechanical cam structure to cut the diaphragm and draw out the needle, which enhances the stability of the machine;

19. The pole piece is equipped with a dust suction mechanism before welding and winding into the winding needle;

20. Both the positive and negative plates of this machine adopt a chase-cutting mechanism to improve production efficiency;

21. The short-circuit test mechanism adopts the detection method of copper sheet flexible contact with both ends of the tabs;

22. This machine adopts mechanical groove wheel method to cut the pole piece, so as to avoid the burr at the scissors;

23. This machine adopts the mechanism of terminating the glue and first cutting off and then applying glue, which reduces the tension of the winding needle caused by the tape at the glue station, and improves the trial life of the winding needle; it also reduces the short circuit of the battery. Probability

24. This machine adopts reverse winding mechanism, which can realize two processes of pole piece outsourcing and diaphragm outsourcing;

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